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My patients' families words of appreciation are my treasures and my inspirations to do even better each day for EVERY patient who walks into my life! Thank you for all your thoughtful and kind words! If you would like to send your own comments, please, do so below. To ensure your privacy your name will be withheld, unless you request otherwise.
Thank you.



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I do want to tell you how much I appreciate the time and care that you took with M&M.

Thank you, very much for all the information.
You can tell that you truly love what you are doing. M and M enjoyed your visit and look forward to seeing you again, as long as there are no shots involved and there are lots of treats.

Be well and thank you for your care and concern.


Dear Dr. Natalie,

"We just wanted to say "Thank You" for your love, compassion, patience and professional guidance during our our boy's life. Thank you for extending his life for 2 Years! Two last years that we will never forget.

Thank you for being there for him at the end and making the transition So Peaceful!! We didn't have a chance to thank you since we were such a mess but it was extremely appreciated. The paw print that you took for us to keep really touched our hearts. Again, thank you for making such a difficult process special and meaningful You are one amazing Veterinarian and a truly caring person! You were great during the whole process.

Ice will be guiding you to help other families and their pets. God bless you."

Lots of Love
—Ice, Claudia, Pablo, Geronimo, Roberto

Rating 5-Excellent
"Your responsiveness, willingness and ability to care for the animals is amazing and second to none!!! Only topped by your compassions and knowledge - God bless you!!!!"

—Tina Zinn

Rating 5-Excellent
"Dr. Natalie is a real animal person. Her concerns for our pets' health are above and beyond what I had grown accustomed to. She seems to want to establish a true relationship with my pets. In addition to that she has the professional training and background to provide the highest levels of care to them. I truly appreciate her holistic practice."

—Ellen H Fagan

"Over a span of some forty years, I have been the owner of numerous dogs, birds, horses, and small animals. I have, therefore, often had the need to seek out the advice and services of many veterinarians. One veterinary doctor stands out in my mind — Dr. Natalie Levitt.

Throughout the past six years, I have come to know Dr. Natalie not only to possess a very high level of medical knowledge, but also to be a superior diagnostician. Her honesty and integrity, both professionally and personally, are unsurpassed. Compassion flows freely and without effort from Dr. Natalie. In addition, she possesses a unique and innate ability to simultaneously address the medical needs of her four legged patients, and at the same time ease the emotional struggles that so often confront owners when difficult and painful decisions must be made.

Both of our dogs have benefitted greatly from her personalized care knowledge and experience. I know that our fifteen year old dachshund is alive and well today because of Dr. Natalie's care and great attention to detail. In addition, she skillfully manages to effectively treat her animal patients without engaging in the all too common practice of ordering medical tests which are unnecessary and result in artificially inflated veterinary bills.

I had the occasion once of arriving unannounced at our local animal hospital, and to my surprise found Dr. Natalie outside, personally hand walking an aged and ailing dog. I am now aware of other owners whose dogs received this type of personal attention. I firmly believe that this type of care is not only the sign of a rare and extremely dedicated veterinarian, but more importantly, it is the sign of a true healer.

We are all very fortunate to have access to Dr. Natalie. Moreover, she is now available to provide consultations and to treat patients in the comfort of our own homes. Do yourself and your beloved companion a great favor. Treat yourself to a visit from Dr. Natalie."

—Christine Graf

Dr.Natalie came to our house and was wonderful with our Briard Quemmy . We wouldn't hesitate to call her again.

—Dee and Quemmy

Rating 5-Excellent
"Dr. Natalie is the most uplifting professional I have met in Years. She has A Wonderful bedside manner, And is 110 percent With All our four-legged loved ones in providing quality service. Always returns calls,and fIts you in If there is an emergency."


"Thank you Dr Natalie. As I've said, we are so fortunate to have you in our lives now. Your compassion and attention to detail in our pets lives has been nothing short of a blessing for which we are so grateful. Thank you for your knowledge and help! We look forward to having you in our familys life for a long time! Xoxo"

—Kimberly R.S. Conte - Fairfield House & Garden

"Dr. Natalie, He's still alive thanks to you. Thank you. You are a TREAT!!!! You told me that you are a physician, not a magician. I will go head to head with anyone who doubts that. You're the BEST!!!"

— Janet Sorell

Rating 5-Excellent
"Competent, knowledgeable, caring, thorough, and ensuring that our concerns were dealt with. For our family, it was the ideal experience."

—Isabel Maddux

Sweet little "Cookie"- may she RIP...
"Dear Dr.Levitt I and my mom thank you so much for working so hard to keep me around. You are such a great person and doctor and now that I'm looking down I know that you will continue same work with friends that I never met. It was my pleasure to have you as my doctor I only regret that I cannot use your services. Be well and I know you continue same great work. Sincerely Cookie and family xoxoxoxoxox"

—Marta Horecki

"I was having an extremely hard time finding a good vet. We went to multiple vets for my dachshund's skin problem, where they would run multiple EXPENSIVE tests, "blanket" diagnose, prescribe multiple medications including steroids. After months of vet's visits (not to mention the expense), my dachshund wasn't getting better — in fact his skin rash was spreading and getting worse. He was itchy all the time, had to wear a cone and was on multiple medications that made him gain weight as well as drink and urinate a lot. We both were miserable — I felt helpless and didn't know how else to help my little guy. That's when I finally called Dr. Natalie and it was the best decision I have ever made! Dr. Natalie quickly recognized what kind of rash my little guy had. Unfortunately, because he was never properly diagnosed, we had our work cut out for us. But after a couple of visits, Dr. Natalie got my boy's rash under control and he is FINALLY back to his normal self and off all medications. SHE IS A LIFE SAVER! I am so glad we found her. My dachshunds are lucky to have her as their vet!!!"

—Meghan Morris

"Thank you again for everything. Above and beyond. If they gave Oscars for vets you would win!"

—Mary Fleur

"Your website rocks! You look great, I think it's a great idea, and I wish you all the best! xoxoxoxo"


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